Development Support

Fallbrook utilizes a robust product development process to develop product solutions for its customers. Our processes are built so that talented people (and our customers) can take advantage of each other’s work, both to accelerate innovation and strengthen execution.  We call this Disciplined NuVinci Agility or “DNA.”

The Fallbrook Product Development Process is benchmarked against processes used by most manufacturing companies in the automotive industry and follows standard industry practices.  Fallbrook’s services help its customers to develop quality products on a predictable and cost effective timetable.

Through our Product Development Process we are also able to transfer know-how related to the technology and best practices that are essential to robust execution in a timely, efficient and dependable manner.

As shown in the diagram to the right, Fallbrook has staff members supporting the multiple disciplines associated with product development. The staff is highly qualified with over 640 years of cumulative engineering experience, over 300 years of cumulative transmission experience, and over 200 years of cumulative CVT design experience.

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